Why am I here?

Two guys from Melbourne, Australia wanted to create something that allows anyone to improve themselves a little bit every day. Crucendo provides a different approach to motivating and mentoring yourself to improve and achieve.

Why should I use Crucendo?

Great question! Crucendo is something new. You’ve never experienced personal development like this. Crucendo allows you to seamlessly include five minutes of self reflection into your daily routine. It challenges you with questions from your Tracks, the areas of your life you want to focus on right now. You acknowledge your Haves, the areas you have improved or worked on recently, and set some Wants, the goals you are set to achieve in the future. Funnily enough, we call that five minute process a Crucendo.

Crucendo's Features.


Your home page is your central hub for Crucendo. It delivers some interesting and motivational statistical information, along with a delightful green button that begins or continues a Crucendo.


Your Tracks are the areas that you want to give focus to. They are called ‘Tracks’ because, for a train to know where it’s going, it first needs tracks to give it direction and places to go. We see our Tracks the same way, as these are the Tracks that will lead you to improving areas of your personal and professional life. Behind each Track is a series of questions, carefully written to promote introspective thought and self awareness. These questions appear during a Crucendo.


This is the core feature of Crucendo. Designed to take five minutes, to challenge the way you think and promote self awareness. It involves the simple process of answering questions from the Tracks you have chosen. These questions will be different every time you complete a Crucendo. During a Crucendo you can acknowledge your most recent Haves and Wants, then rate how you felt that day. That’s it! A non-intrusive way of spending a short amount of time working on yourself.


The journal option is coming soon, and we’re excited!


What have you improved recently? It could be anything. Personal or professional. Haves are our way of giving you space to list areas that you are improving. Your haves can be something you improved once (unexpected wins) or something you want to continue to improve in the future, which is when Haves become Wants. Remember, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is, what matters is that you take time to highlight areas that you have improved. It’s important to celebrate all victories.


Setting goals is an important part of success, so you can look at Wants like your very own space to list the things that you want to improve. A want can be as simple as going for a walk more often, or as challenging as improving your public speaking abilities. We all have areas of our lives that we want to improve, big or small doesn’t matter, what matters is that you begin your road to improvement with a plan. Creating a list of areas you want to improve is a great start to achieving your plan. Acknowledge any step towards a Want by adding a Have!


Inside Crucendo is a section dedicated to you and your personal information. Add your name so Crucendo can address you correctly! There are some additional security features too. Under the “Sessions” section you can view all the current sessions you have open of Crucendo, and where they are open e.g. Safari, Chrome, iOS etc. At any time you can end these sessions. At the “Security” section you can set or change your password, and you can also see which email address you use to login with.


If you’re reading this you’ve already found our Help section, and you’re on your way to getting the information you need about Crucendo and it’s many features. If your search for information proves to be fruitless, feel welcome to contact our team with your specific question using the Contact section found in the menu.


Being able to contact our helpful team is as easy as selecting “Contact” from the menu. We have two types of contact options which are “General” and “Business”. From the general option you can ask us a general question, request support, or provide feedback. If you’re a business and you’re interested in using Crucendo for Teams, it’s as easy as using the business option and a member of our team will contact you to discuss things further.

Quick Start Guide.

Let’s get you started with Crucendo by focusing on three important aspects of this awesome app.

You’ll need an internet connection, a browser, and a Crucendo account. A Crucendo account is just an email away, it’s also free! Head to the Crucendo homepage at www.crucendo.com. Once you’re there, take a few moments to read our privacy policy and the terms and conditions. If you’re happy with the formal stuff, type your email address in the box that says “youremail@here.com”, then click the button that says “Begin now”. You’ll get an email from Crucendo to welcome you. In the email is a button to activate your account, go ahead and click the button which will confirm that you’re a real person, and bring you to your Crucendo home page.

1. Updating your Profile

Let’s start at the shallow end of the pool with something simple. Select the menu icon in the top left corner, and select the “Profile” option. You can personalise your Profile with a couple of basic details about yourself. Once you’re happy with how your Profile looks, select the “Save” icon in the top right hand corner (It looks like a floppy disk...so retro). You can also set or change your password in the “Security” tab, just remember to select the “Save” icon. To return to the home page, simply select the Crucendo ‘C’ at the top of the page!

2. Choosing your Tracks

Now that you are an expert at using the menu, go ahead and select the menu button and choose “Tracks”. You will be taken to the Tracks page, which allows you to select the topics that align with areas of your life you want to focus on. Any Track with a highlighted orange heading indicates it is one you are working on. Making your tracks active or inactive is as simple as clicking in the top of each track. Go ahead and select the Tracks that you feel will bring you value.

3. Completing a Crucendo

Now that your Profile and Tracks are all set, let’s move on to the reason that you’re here. From your home page select the “Begin” button, which will get you started on your very first Crucendo. The fancy Crucendo algorithm will choose three questions from your Tracks to challenge you. Allow a few moments to think about each question and then answer it for yourself. You can select the arrow in the top right to move through your Crucendo, or jump to a step using the progress bar. You will get the opportunity to reflect on what you have improved recently and what you want to improve in the future. At the end of your Crucendo you’ll be provided some exploration options, so you can uncover some of the other awesome features. Congratulations, you have just completed a Crucendo! It should have taken around five minutes, and you can come back tomorrow to challenge and impress yourself again.