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Loooooooved the Crucendo. When im honest with myself (while crucendo'ing) it really helps open my eyes to things and helps me become much more aware of why I do certain things.. it's great! Today's session definitely made me feel a burst of happy chemicals in my brain. - Sladan from Melbourne -

build confidence

Really friendly, easy to use interface. The team are quick to respond to feedback. 10/10 recommend the web app for anyone who wants to improve themselves! - Jay from Melbourne -

develop your career

I enjoy taking the five minutes each night to fill out my Crucendo. It helps me eliminate the noise and reflect on what actually happened in a typically chaotic day. It not only allows me to identify things that I could do better next time but also lets me pat myself on the back for the things I did well. - Jeff from Melbourne -

improve your self-esteem

It's an intellectual and interesting conversation with yourself, spurred on by some well thought out and provoking questions. - Lee from Brisbane -

5 minutes a day

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